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Culture Night 2017

Give us a RECITATION !

Culture Night has become a feature of the year all around Europe. Events are free, people ramble around from venue to venue and all sorts of activities form part of the evening’s activities.

Youghal Celebrates History is offering  a pleasant nostalgic evening called “Give us a RECITATION!”. We have invited people to name their favourite recitations and we have people ready to recite them – old recitations and new, well known and not so well known. In the past everybody had a song or a recitation. This will be a night of recitations.

Suggestions for the Recitations

Dangerous Dan McGrew,

the Cremation of Sam Magee,

The Harpy,


The Green Eyed Idol north of Katmandu.

Micheál Mór,

The Four Farrellys,

Wee Hughie,

The Old Woman of the Roads,

The Village Schoolmaster,

The Night Before Christmas,

I wish I’d looked after me Teeth,

Young Albert and the Lion

You get the idea, I hope, everybody had a favourite recitation – If you have one, let us know . If you would recite it all the better!!!!!

Culture Night is FRIDAY 22nd of September. Youghal Celebrates History will be in Tyne’s Castle from 7.30 onwards. There are lots of other events planned for the night – Cork County Council will have a brochure advertising the events. Don’t miss it!!!!

Our friends in Community Radio Youghal, in the Little Theatre Group of Youghal are willing to help out. Join us !




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