Checking Griffith’s Valuation ( 1851 – 1853)

Griffiths Valuation was an attempt to give a rateable valuation for every property in Ireland , the precise location of the property and the name (s) of those considered liable to pay.

Noel Farrell has produced a lovely little book,  in 2001,  which gives a print out of the section on Youghal – it is called ” Youghal  Family Roots”. There is a copy in the Tourist Office, and another copy in the Library. If interested, you can also purchase a copy directly from Noel Farrell himself. You can also directly access the Griffiths Valuation free of charge on the internet .

The sections shown here are for the North Main Street – as you can see each house is numbered –  you then go to the printed page sections and check the number for that house and you can see the owner/ occupier and also the neighbours. Neighbours are very important as some may still have relatives or memories of other neighbours.

You cannot rely on present day house numbers –  get your bearings from other side streets – in this case number one is across from the Gaol Steps ( near the Clock Gate). Numbers were changes regularly so this map, combined with the text gives us a better idea of who was where.  Updates to this section are posted on our Facebook page. Make sure you subscribe!cgs501 cgs502 cgs503 cgs504 cgs505 cgs506 cgs507 cgs508

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