Youghal in 1916

What was Youghal like in 1916 –  Guys Postal Directory gives us an insight into a bustling town, lots of shops,  a thriving little ferry over to Ferrypoint, a steamer going upriver to Cappoquin, a busy railway line, an army garrison which needed to be fed, entertained, a rifle range at Claycastle for the visiting troops of soldiers on firing practice, a whole range of clubs, societies, activities . The Main Street must have seen a huge amount of activity.

With the permission of Cork County Library, the portion of Guys’ Postal Directory for County Cork which deals with Youghal is included here so you can see for yourself what it was like.

If a name interests you – check out the 1911 census – available free on line – so you can see not only the name of the owner but also the family, details about the kind of house they lived in, their religion, their education, whether or not they spoke Irish, the kind of work they did etc.

Click  on the link below to view the Guys Directory for Youghal in 1916


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