Quaker Records

The Quakers kept reasonably detailed records of births, marriages and deaths. For those who are interested there are microfilm copies of the registers available. Nearest to Youghal is the Cork County Archive Centre in Blackpool, Cork. There is a good, easy to navigate website which details what is available – Minute books, Registers etc.

The records go back to 1671 for births, marriages and deaths. There are occasional comments about people being disunited or disowned.

Francis Malone, of Youghal, “took to wife” Ann Hillary of Waterford in 1756. For some reason he was “disowned” and disappears from the records.  Ann however “remained” in the system and later died in Waterford.

Looking through the records you see many, very short lives as infant mortality was a significant feature of life then – even for wealthy families like the Harveys.

The Quaker method of writing dates is different to what is normally used elsewhere in Ireland – it is in the format Month – Day – Year ( just as was accepted in the United States).

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