Newspapers and Family History

You might wonder what newspapers were available “way back then” and where you might access them to day. The biggest collection is in the National Library in Dublin – if microfilm is available that is what you get. There is a project called Newsplan which you can search on the National Library website, it lists the publications, where they might be accessed and in what format.

The Cork city and county libraries also have large numbers of files on old newspapers.

Here are some, not all of the titles : ( in brackets ..NL means National Library). The  National Library also has a fine database called SOURCES –  You can check this at

Title Year(s) NOTES
Bagatelle 1827 N/A
Constitution / Cork Morning Post 1822 -1924 NL
Cork Advertiser and Commercial Register 1799
Cork Advertising Gazette 1855
Cork & South of Ireland General Advertiser 1851
Cork Augustinian 1941
Cork Chronicle and Munster Advertiser 1765 Only 1854 in NL
Cork Courier 1794
Cork Evening Herald 1833
Cork Evening Post 1755
Cork Examiner 1841
Cork Free Press 1910
Cork Gazette 1790 NOT in NL
Cork Gazette and General Advertiser 1790
Cork General Advertiser 1777 only Cork, Knox
Cork Herald and Southern Counties Advertiser 1857
Cork Holly Bough 1927
Cork Journal 1753
Cork Morning Intelligencer 1810 1822
Cork Packet 1793 NOT in NL
Cork Phoenix or West’s Advertiser 1812
Cork Sentinel 1830
Cork Sun 1903
Cork Weekly Chronicle 1908
Cork Weekly Examiner 1895
Cork Weekly News 1893
Cork Weekly Times and Commercial Economist 1833
Daily Times 1821 1830 Cork
Evening Echo 1892 Cork
Freeholder 1813 Cork
Harp of Erin 1798 only Cork
Hibernian Chronicle 1769 – 1835 Cork
Hibernian Morning Post or Literary Chronicle 1775 Cork
Independent Journal 1775 Cork
Irish Monthly Mercury 1649 -1650 Cork
Munster Advertiser 1839
New Evening Post 1782 only
North Cork Herald 1904
Patriotic Magazine 1808 -1809
People’s Press &Cork Weekly Register 1834
Province of Munster 1849
Queenstown Gazette 1851
Scragg’s General Cork Advertiser 1854
Shandon Bells 1889
Skibereen & West Carbery Eagle 1857 – 1928
Southern Patriot 1844 Mallow
Southern Reporter 1807
Southern Star 1864
Southern Star 1890 Skibereen
Varsity Re-Echo 1839
Volunteer Journal or Independent Gazeteer (  NL, microfilm 1782 – 1787) 1782
Weekly Herald 1867
Youghal Tribune ,  NL microfilm from 1940 to 1957) Before 1940 Youghal





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