Help with your searching

Searching for family roots ?

If you have a Youghal connection contact the Tourist Office in Youghal, by post, by phone, by email – BEFORE – you visit Youghal. Send your query to them and you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of time you can save – and make your visit to Youghal or the surrounding area much more fruitful.
There is a FREE magazine called “Genealogy in Time” which is really helpful It concentrates a lot on what is freely available but also tells you what has to be paid for. They offer a list of best sites worldwide for searches, they offer a genealogy search engine, lots of resources. FREE!
As you might expect, unfortunately the best sites cost a little – BUT – if you organise yourself well, you often get a month’s trial ….. have all your questions ready, use the month and …well , you know the drill!
It is worldwide … includes France, the United States, Germany, Canada etc. The list itself is useful and you also have access to the rankings of previous years.
There are lots of tips on searching, on making family trees, on hitting brick walls and how to demolish them. And it is FREE, weekly and very readable.

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